Adrenaline Bubble Manager v4.00 2017-10-17

Install PSP Homebrew as Bubbles on your PS Vita

  1. GregoryRasputin
    Team OneLua have updated their popular PS Vita Homebrew Adrenaline Bubble Manager to version 4.00, here is a list of the changes:


    • Fixed error which didn't allow to install more than 30 bubbles.
    • Now when multi-installing more than 9 bubbles a custom keyboard will open after 10th bubble.
    • Now the PS button will be blocked when Getting Resources and Instaling Bubble.
    • Now you can select the bubble background color!!! (17 available colors).
    • Removed more popup messages...again!!!.

    Here is a QR code that will let you directly download it to your PS Vita: