All-in-one dumper for 4.05

All-in-one dumper for 4.05

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All-in-one game dumper for PS4 with firmware 4.05 by xVortex.

Tutorial instructions on PlayStationSceneFiles

Brief instructions from Github:
  1. Turn on the console, insert disc (or run psn title), install all game patches;
  2. Plug-in the USB stick, run the ps4-dumper payload (.bin or standalone);
  3. Run your game, make sure to get main menu, minimize game (PS Button);
  4. Wait till completion. When the process is finished the lights stop blinking and console will shutdown automatically (it is normal, not a panic shutdown);
  5. Turn on your console, remove disc, uninstall the game (for further testing);
  6. On PC: Plug-in the USB Stick, then open gengp4.exe, point into CUSAxxxxx dir and press Generate .GP4, You should get the 'Done.', then press Save .GP4;
  7. Open .gp4 in the orbis-pub-gen and build .pkg file (You can get the orbis-pub-gen tool via PKG_Fake_Generator);
  8. Run PS4HEN payload, install and test your .pkg;
  9. Enjoy.
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This works perfectly :)