Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Mod Menu 2017-10-16

PS4 mod menu

  1. Senaxx

    What is AWMT ?

    AWMT is a tool developed in C++ to communicate with its PS4 console on firmware 1.76. It allows you to make changes to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in version 1.0. AWMT is also the first free shared tool allowing this kind of modifications on a PS4.
    It is also one of the only tools regarding compatible modding on Windows / macOS and soon IOS!

    Features of AWMT:
    • Basic class editor
    • Client mods
    • Some functions using the Remote Procedure Call
    AWMT Credits:
    DEv_ShOoTz, Marbella, and MsKx for offsets
    TheoryWrong for OpenRTE
    Marent93, TheoryWrong and DEv_ShOoTz for Remote Procedure Call
    MsKx for development of AWMT and API in C++
    Marent93 for application IOS