Enable Updated VR Payload

4.05 Enable Updated VR Payload

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I have been messing around with trying to get my vr headset to work with 4.05 for a little while and because the vr headset is updated to the latest firmware it wouldn't work.

but just recently xvortex pointed out you can poke a memory value to sort of spoof the system firmware version so I tried what he said and put together a payload to poke the offset and found it allowed my vr headset to work.

here is is Enable_VR.bin

you will want to load the hen payload and then load the vr payload because the web exploit will say invalid import map

or you can use this modified idc exploit to launch it as I have added the 5.05 sections so it does not complain about import map.

I only have 1 vr game to test on at the moment as I have to download the vr game section now but it is resident evil 7 and its working with my latest updated vr 3.10 and 4.05 + hen

huge thanks to @XVortex
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