PS Vita Firmware v1.80 2017-11-04


  1. GregoryRasputin
    • Users can now control the home screen, as well as some applications like [Music] and [Video], with the PS Vita system's buttons.
    • Notification settings under [Sound & Display Settings] have been moved to their own [Notification Settings] menu.
    • The items under [Date & Time] > [Date & Time Settings] have been changed.
    • A Japanese keyboard has been added.
    • Memory cards are now locked to PSN accounts, to prevent users from switching between accounts. The system will refuse to accept a memory card locked to another account unless the memory card is reformatted.


    Remote Play
    • The MPO format can now be viewed on the PS Vita system. Additionally, it is now possible to transfer MPO files using a PlayStation 3 or PC using Content Manager. 3D and multi-angle viewing are not supported.
    • Playlists in iTunes (10.6.3 or later), M3U, and M3U8 formats are now supported in [Music].
    • Playlists can also be transferred from a PS3 system.
    • Playback speed control and repeat play have been added to [Video].
    • When moving the progress bar during video playback, it now shows the image of the specified location in the video.
    • A thumbnail for videos will now be generated automatically when there is no thumbnail information available.
    • Users can now copy photos or videos to a PC or PS3 while a photo or video is displayed.
    • Users can now delete multiple friend requests simultaneously.
    • [near] can now gather information of surrounding Wi-Fi access points without an Internet connection and will update location data based on this information at a later time.
    • The LiveArea screen for [near] has been improved and now shows lifetime statistics.
    Group Messaging
    • There have been layout improvements made to [Group Messaging].
    • Users can now take photos using the camera to add as attachments in [Group Messaging].
    • The [New Message] button on the [Group Messaging] LiveArea screen has been removed.
    [Maps] has been improved by adding a button to the top of the screen to switch between [Search for Location] and [Search for Directions]. Users can also touch and hold a location on the map to place a flag.

    • The use of the rear touchpad for scrolling and zooming is now supported in the [Browser].
    • Users are no longer able to use a JavaScript bookmark trick to download YouTube videos in the [Browser].
    • A button has been added to the [Browser] to immediately go to the top of the page.
    • Users can now view a history of up to 100 chat messages and information in [Party].