PS Vita Firmware v2.00 2017-11-04


  1. GregoryRasputin
    • System buttons can now be used in more applications.
    • Turkish has been added as a system language.
    • In [Settings], users can now set how they will be alerted depending on the type of notification.
    • [Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically] has been added to [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings].
    • [PlayStation Network]
    • Support for PlayStation Plus has been added.
    • Users can now connect their PlayStation Network account to Twitter.
    • [Avatar], [Panel], [Online ID], [About Me] and [My Languages] under [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] have been moved to the new category [Profile].
    • [PlayStation Mobile] has been added under [System].
    • Screenshots are now saved in the background.
    • Trophy synchronization is now performed in the background.
    • A savegame exploit within Urbanix has been patched.
    • Users can now delete screenshots or songs from PlayStation Portable games.
    Content Manager
    • [Content Manager] has been redesigned.
    • Users can now transfer content to and from PlayStation Plus online storage, to and from a PS3, and to and from a PC via Wi-Fi.
    • The rendering engine has been improved.
    • The [Browser] now uses additional GPU processing power.
    • Tapping on a YouTube link will now open the respective video in the YouTube app.
    • The HTML5 and JavaScript engines have been upgraded.
    • Users can now send their current [Browser] URL using their Twitter settings.
    • Users can now access the [Browser] while in an application or game.
    • A pointer can now be used (in conjunction with pressing L or R and tapping on the screen) to select links.
    • has been added as an application.
      [*][Maps] can now display weather information for locations where it is available.
      [*]The layout of [Near] has been revised.
      [*]The activities list for Friends has been moved to the LiveArea screen.
      [*]Users can now attach a comment when sending a friend request.
      [*]Users can now file a [Grief Report] for inappropriate comments when sent with a friend request.
      [*]TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, and MPO are now supported as file formats in [Group Messaging].
      [*]The PS Vita system can now display videos with 1080 resolution.
      [*]Videos can now display captioning.
      [*]Videos can now be played in slow motion.
      [*]Users can now skip chapters in videos.
      [*]Folders can now be transferred from a PS3 or PC to the PS Vita for [Photos] and [Videos].
      [*]When browsing lists in Music and Videos, titles will now scroll horizontally if they are too long.
      PSone Classics
      [*][Assign Touchscreen] and [Assign Rear Touch Pad] have been added to [Controller Settings].
      [*][Custom] has been added to [Other Settings] > [Screen Mode].