PS4 All-in-one Mod Tool

PS4 All-in-one Mod Tool

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Console Tools
  • Payload Injector
  • Mod Menu Injector
  • FTP Browser
  • Package Merging Tool
  • UI Editor

Peek Poke Tool
  • Peek and Poke Memory
  • Dump Window to file
  • Dump Selection to file
  • Copy Selection of Bytes
  • Search for sequence of bytes
  • Search for string
  • API Selector
  • Auto Update peeked memory - PS4ME only

Advanced Warfare/Ghosts Mods
This is basically the same mods I released in my PS4 Multi-Cod Tool however I have added some extra options into the Advanced Warfare tool like, Player Speed, Radar and Jump Height and have added an option into both mod tools that allow you to switch between the base version of the games or the latest game update version. So for Ghosts you can switch the tool to support either 1.00 or 1.20 and for AW you can switch from 1.00 to 1.23.
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