SonyMC Resigner By SKGleba 2017-11-20

Memory Card Resigner

  1. GregoryRasputin
    Hi guys, I was bored so i made onboot id.dat deleter.
    It spawns before shell.self so the shell auto assigns the card to your account (generates id.dat).
    You can resign any card to your account.
    (Even from higher fw!)

    How to install:
    1) place idresign.self in ur0:tai
    2) In boot_config.txt add a line "- spawnwait ur0:tai/idresign.self" (w/out quotation marks) just before shell.self line (almost the end of file).
    3) Turn off ur vita & insert memory card
    4) Power on your vita, it may take 2-5 secs longer than usualy (on pstv 5-15)
    5) The database will refresh
    6) The card is yours!

    To uninstall just delete the created line in boot_config.txt

    UPDATE1: the self is lightler, also added a suprx version (just place under *main) -- download idresign2.self/suprx
    UPDATE2: SWMCL.self- if exists ur0:mcids/id.dat it copies it in place of original id.dat