Vita Tetronimo v0.6.1 2017-10-15

A Tetris Clone

  1. GregoryRasputin
    A Tetris clone by svennd

    • upstream sound fix
    • decreased the amount of increase_speed calls
    • changed startup img
    build against vita-lpp nightly from 8 okt. 2017

    • added sound
    • added simple animation
    • moved increase_speed()
    • cleaned up globals
    • removed code for version polling
    note : due to some unknown vitasdk upstream error, sound results in a fatal crash during a game restart/writing to file. It's recommended to use to _no_sound version for help please see #1

    v0.5 - New Interface
    • fixed issue when game over the vscore was stuck below the reall score
    • fixed a bug where user input (left & right) in subsequent game would not be taken
    • sprite power icon
    • reworked interface
    • added level guide
    • added buttons as help
    • added support for highscore
    • fixed similar color for two pieces
    • fixed line_count not resetting after a game_over
    • show battery indicator
    • sticky direction are now working
    • slightly less ugly and still not broken tetris
    • PR's are welcome, let me know if you see any errors or issues ! Feature requests are also welcome
    • ugly but functional tetris
    • This is the first release, PR's are welcome

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